Cricket and cocktails: a match made

For sportsmen and women, a successful win will inevitably lead to celebrations that last into the early hours.

With BOSC providing both high-quality sporting facilities and premium food and drink, how better to marry the two worlds than to offer our thoughts on which cocktails some of our favourite cricketers are most like.

Andrew Flintoff: Moscow Mule
Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff, MBE, was known for being one of the best ‘all-rounders’ in the world during his cricketing days. Just like any good all-rounder, who can bowl, bat and field, this cocktail contains three vital elements; vodka, ginger beer and lemon juice. Combined, they create a contemporary classic. Credit must be given where it is due, and as an athlete, Flintoff evolved just as the Moscow Mule did into a fantastic success.

Kevin Pietersen: Zombie
Kevin Pietersen, MBE, can only be paired with a bold drink, due to his confident and bold personality. The Zombie is a strong drink, made with a base of rum, absinthe and falernum. This is the type of cocktail to wipe any inhabitations away, leaving you to talk about your plans to move across the globe and play international test cricket.

Alastair Cook: Espresso Martini
As an opening batsman and an England captain, Alastair Cook has the ability to get his team going; just as this caffeinated concoction can turn any drinker into the life of the party. Both Cook and the espresso martini were destined for notoriety from the outset, providing the perfect ingredients for success. The espresso martini gives its drinker energy while maintaining a classy persona – the perfect fit for Ashes-winning cricketer, Alastair Cook.

James Anderson: Dark N Stormy
Bermuda, the birthplace of the Dark N Stormy, is known as the shipwreck capital of the world, with 300 identified vessels lying ruined at the bottom of the surrounding North Atlantic Ocean. Anderson has proved no less dangerous. With an astounding ability to leave batsmen for dead with a swing, seemingly inimitable by any other bowler of this time. Anderson is known for having a big character and knows how to get fired up when out on the pitch. The Dark N Stormy is a rum-based cocktail, paired with fiery ginger beer and lime for balance, making this a suitable pairing.

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