BOSC is about more than sport, it’s about community

Health and wellbeing is the key to a happy life! Maybe not completely but understanding that combined they can improve the way we operate as a society, is why facilities like the Bordon and Oakhanger Sports Club (BOSC) are so valuable.

For most, the opportunity to get the blood pumping is an increasingly challenging task. Busy lifestyles stand firmly in our way and, if running isn’t your idea of fun, high-quality facilities can also prove hard to come by. The problem is that we must endure to exercise, as it is crucial to our physical and mental health. The factors combine to create a fruitful and balanced lifestyle.

For the Bordon community, the state-of-the-art facilities provided at BOSC are a great opportunity to learn a new sport. BOSC gives residents the choice of any number of sports, including football, cricket, petanque and tennis.

Besides the known benefits that sporting commitments and physical activity provide to young people, such as reducing youth offending, anti-social behaviour, and teaching teamwork and communication skills; a hub such as the new BOSC pavilion provides long-lasting societal gains.

Sustainable community development can be achieved through the introduction of facilities such as BOSC. The new cricket pavilion and surrounding facilities can become a flagship space for the community to dive into new and exciting opportunities. Moreover, sporting venues are about encouraging pride in an area and creating a sense of place. Team spirit breeds a togetherness that brings societies together, creating a mutual interest across a diverse range of people.

To all residents, endeavour to make the most of this space. Take the opportunity to get involved with a new sport, volunteer at an event, or enjoy the food and drink on offer.

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