David Osborne memorial

Retired Warrant Officer and sports enthusiast honoured with plaque at BOSC

A plaque in memory of retired Warrant Officer and sports enthusiast David Osborne has been installed on a bench overlooking the Bordon and Oakhanger Sports Club (BOSC).

Osborne, who passed away in 2014, was a retired Warrant Officer First Class stationed at Bordon. He actively participated in the local sporting community and founded the petanque group, Woolmer Forest U3A, which meets and plays at BOSC.

The plaque is given in celebration of Osborne’s contributions to the community by Woolmer Forest U3A. The group recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary.

John Ayres, Leader of Woolmer Forest U3A, said: “David was the founder of the petanque group, and the pitch at the original BOSC building was his home pitch. He loved the area and when we set out to remember him, we could not think of a more appropriate place than the benches overlooking the petanque pitches at BOSC. Nothing would make him happier than to be memorialised in a place he loved.”

Naomi Metcalfe, Community Development Officer of WBRC, said: “When John approached us about memorialising David at BOSC, we were touched. The connection that David had with BOSC, and with everyone in Bordon, is exactly what we hope to foster. His legacy is one of hard work and a love of sport, and he will be remembered.”

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